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Great eCommerce product photography accurately and attractively represents your product, inticing your customers to buy. Not only that, high quality images offer a great first impression and serve as a glimpse into your business, store and product offering. Combined with the power of social media, crisp eCommerce product photography is also an excellent way to get people talking about your product and promote trust in your brand.
However, product photography can be costly, especially for small businesses with limited capital resources. Here are a few tips and trends that can minimise your product photography costs.

Going for a Simple Setup

You don’t need a complex setup to shoot compelling product images. A simple setup that includes the following items can do the job.

  • – A table where you will lay your white background on
  • – A versatile and affordable clamp, such as the A-clamp
  • – A tripod to improve stability, capture long exposures, and support photography in low light
  • – A miniature tent to evenly distribute light on the object.
  • – An affordable material white background, such as wooden boards, acrylic paint, and seamless paper.

There are endless short and long tutorials on social media when it comes to actually shooting your products. Have a quick look through Tik Tok and Instagram for fun and innovative ideas to get your creative juices flowing or youtube for a more professional tutorial on lighting and camera settings.

Choosing an Affordable Camera

The camera is perhaps the most important part of your photography. Fortunately, advancements in technology have blurred the lines between amateur and professional cameras.
You can find cheap DSLR cameras that go for as little as US$100 ($140 AUD), with the average price being US$719 ($1000 AUD). These cameras offer better clarity, sharpness, and resolution due to their large sensor. Moreover, many of these cameras have long-lasting batteries that enable photographers to shoot all day on a single camera.

While DSLR Cameras offer more features; they require a little more finesse to operate. However, today’s point-and-shoot cameras come with a long list of capabilities and features that are generally more user friendly. With a price tag that ranges from $400 to $1100, the newer models provide greater control over your camera settings, the ability to zoom closer to the product, and higher-quality pictures than cameras of past years. Moreover, the process of adjusting the exposure level is automated in point-and-shoot cameras.

If you aren’t confident in using a DSLR or point and shoot camera, you may not need to invest in a standalone camera at all. Smartphone cameras can take high-quality pictures that can compete with photos taken by powerful and expensive cameras. The trick here is knowing how to use the camera on your phone correctly. Do some research on the features and capabilities of your phone and try them out to get the hang of it, you may be surprised what it can do.

Using Beginner Lighting Kits

Lighting is an essential component of quality photography, but it doesn’t have to cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Instead, invest in beginner lighting kits that are budget-friendly.
LED lights are a budget-friendly way to get artificial lighting for your photography. For instance, ring lights are a type of LED light that focuses light on an object. They are usually circular in shape and are perfect for emphasising details on videos and photographs.
A reflector is perhaps the most inexpensive source of lighting for product photography. When you place it directly in front of the product, it will add soft, even lighting to the foreground. For instance, you can get a gold reflector that changes the colour of the reflected light by warming it up a bit.

Renting a Creative Space

Another emerging trend is to rent a creative space that has all the gear you will ever need. You just need to show up with your products and leave with amazing pictures. Some of the things that you can expect in a creative space are:

  • – Light modifiers, reflectors, light stands, and lights
  • – Camera gear
  • – Backdrop and backdrop holder
  • – Photo editing software
  • – Tripods and accessories
  • – Props

Work With the Best

Mimmynvovo is a photography studio based in Sydney. We provide a creative space that is ideal for product photography of any description including, eCommerce product photography. Not only do we offer a number of various lavish sets and backdrops, we also have photography equipment and props for hire to ensure the best possible outcome for your shoot. Contact us to hire the space or for more information.


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